The Canvas
Tatsuya Yurkovich | 16 | SoCal | art | literature | Boys | Single and looking| _________________________
I am my mind and all it's oddities and absurdities. I want my name to lock itself in your heart the way yours has entwined itself in every sigh I sigh. I don't like being touched, I break easily. I have an obsessive fascination with American and European Literature, I could read forever. I like to pleasure myself reading classic ovels. I'm pessimistic, irresponsible and lost . My humor is satirical. Approach with caution, I'm a lot more scared of you.
I epitomize misanthropy and wonder. __________________________
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i got a cupig look look look at it. best gift ever.!! thing’s so friggen cute.!! and it sings and dances
i was blonde once. just sayin’
#i’m cute as shit#kawaii as fuck#no i’m not#someone get the internet away from me
here is my face. enjoy
ahhhhhhhhh my faaaace.!!! i didn’t mean to look like this D:
tell me i’m pretty
2 years ago
My Rules

1. Never get attached. If you feel attachment, RUN
2. Never get close in any way. Caring leads to crying.
3. Never stick around if two of your friends begin to like each other.
4. Never fall in love. Love is a losing game (Amy Whinehouse taught you better)
5. Never have friends. Friends will always leave without you. “hello” buddies are ok
6. Never trust anyone. Trust is for foolish children.
7. Never show emotions in public. Eyes are always watching.
8. Never walk into anything without knowing the consequences.
9. Never assume that anyone is different.
10. Never ever ever break the rules. Be the only one who can hurt you.

They’re my rules. My wall. My comfort. I can’t handle the idea that anyone else can hurt me but myself. I like knowing that I and I alone can break me emotionally. So then why do I feel hurt knowing we won’t be friends anymore.? Want to know why.?! because i care.! Even if someone doesn’t have the intent to hurt me, this is a fear that is constantly eating away at me. It keeps me awake at night, it keeps me on edge, on guard. I can’t handle it. It’s just screaming at me all day long every day. I will miss you and I will be hurting for a long time, but I will never show it. I will not be hurt again, this is nothing against you and you know it. I’m glad you understand. I would have like for us to be friends, but I will not break my rules. Every time I do, I’m left to bleed out on my own. I can’t break my rules again.

kawaii as fuck
jasmine(in blue) and tatsuya(me) being kawaii bitches