The Canvas
Tatsuya Yurkovich | 16 | SoCal | art | literature | Boys | Single and looking| _________________________
I am my mind and all it's oddities and absurdities. I want my name to lock itself in your heart the way yours has entwined itself in every sigh I sigh. I don't like being touched, I break easily. I have an obsessive fascination with American and European Literature, I could read forever. I like to pleasure myself reading classic ovels. I'm pessimistic, irresponsible and lost . My humor is satirical. Approach with caution, I'm a lot more scared of you.
I epitomize misanthropy and wonder. __________________________
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And suddenly I wanted to die. I just don’t want to live anymore. i’m so tired of everything and nobody has noticed. I want to die so badly. i’m trying not to cry in front of my friend. I hate myself so much, and nobody notices me falling apart. I want to scream, but i can’t and i just want it all to end.