The Canvas
Tatsuya Yurkovich | 18 | SoCal | art | literature | Boys | Single|
I am my mind and all it's oddities and absurdities. I want my name to lock itself in your heart the way yours has entwined itself in every sigh I sigh.
I like incense, books and paint markers. I love to dance, go to The beach, watch films, and laugh with friends.
I'm misanthropic and eclectic.
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Being Better

What happens when you’re better? I wonder. How are you different? How are you better? Are you not who you were anymore? So, who are you. Do you feel differently? For so long you’ve been depressed, taking pills, seeing psychiatrist, coping. Are you really better? Are you even you anymore? How do you know you’re better? Does someone tell you? Do you get a letter? An e-mail maybe? For so long you have been not right, mentally that is, and then suddenly you are. I don’t understand, but to be frank I don’t really think the “professionals” understand either. So carry on with your head up or with your head low. You will always not be right in the head because right in the head isn’t real.

Just Saying

It’s okay to feel like shit sometimes. It’s fine to want to break down and curse the world for the hand you were dealt. It’s completely normal to be filled with rage, there is nothing wrong with that. Just remember that everything is temporary. Everything. As my mother always said, “You may hate the world for now, or for however long you want, but the world doesn’t give two shits about you.” and it’s true. It is your choice if you want to be bitter, but the world will not stop and change its course for you. How you play your cards is up to you. Find a different game, find different players. Nothing is going to change until you allow change withing yourself. So don’t dwell on the bitterness you feel now. Think of it as more of a resting stop, then get back on your feet and move on, because nobody’s going to wait for you, so just do it.