The Canvas
Tatsuya Yurkovich | 16 | SoCal | art | literature | Boys | Single and looking| _________________________
I am my mind and all it's oddities and absurdities. I want my name to lock itself in your heart the way yours has entwined itself in every sigh I sigh. I don't like being touched, I break easily. I have an obsessive fascination with American and European Literature, I could read forever. I like to pleasure myself reading classic ovels. I'm pessimistic, irresponsible and lost . My humor is satirical. Approach with caution, I'm a lot more scared of you.
I epitomize misanthropy and wonder. __________________________
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It really bugs me how people ignore the other extremity of this spectrum. Seriously, eating disorders aren’t always about starving and getting thin, and these people need help too, they need to know that they’re not alone, and that there are people who care and want to help. If they want help.
Please, please reblog this if you are actually willing to help your followers. You might be surprised how many people really just need somebody to talk too.